Cap Rates Made Simple in Under 10 Minutes

What exactly is a Cap Rate, and why is it so important to have this knowledge when evaluating a real estate investment? In today’s episode, we will be taking the complexity out of Cap Rates. By the end, you’re going to understand how cap rates work, why it works that way, and how to utilize…

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Vacancy Made Simple In Under 10 Minutes

“If you’re flying too close to the sun and you don’t have a safety net, your wings are probably gonna melt.” – Anthony Vicino What does it mean for a property to be physically and economically vacant? Are they the same thing? Physical vacancy refers to a vacant unit with no person leasing it. Economic vacancy…

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Passive vs Active Investing Made Simple

“There’s a significant difference on the risk profile between an active operator and passive investor.” – Dan Krueger We will talk about the difference between passive vs active investing. We will also provide questions you need to answer for you to decide if you’re better off as a passive or an active investor. The questions involve…

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